Helios for Holodance

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Published by Laiden (mod ID: 72124)


Standing on an outpost of a spaceship, facing the sun of a scientific halo-world. The mod's name is made of the words 'Helo' (ring) and 'Helios' (god of sun)

This 360° cubemap for Holodance/Zero Distraction area is a collage of Steam workshop items from the game Space Engineers: 'Tron Circuitry Moon DX11' Steamcommunity.com and Skybox Dyson sphere (Star Wolves 2 The Civil War) Steamcommunity.com

The player's view is centered on the sun, which acts as the source of flying notes. Building up the hitcount, will make the view blaze up from the sun's light. The player faces Helios and reach farther into deep space.

It is adviced to use non-transparent target schemes on this map.





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